As part of Head for Heights’ work on the Chilean play Spider Girls by Luis Barrales, we will be running a four - day workshop with non-actors and actors in central London, the 23rd-26th April 2019. From 10am – 5pm everyday.

This workshop was made possible by the generous donation of Arts Council England, The Anglo Chilean Society and Kings College London.

Spider Girls Translation Workshop

23rd-26th April 2019


Cervantes Theatre and Kings College London

Collaborative Translation

7 July 2017


The Space

A workshop for actors, directors, translators and writers who are interested in innovative, collaborative approaches to translating text; those with a general interest in translation and/or Chilean theatre are also welcome. Head for Heights have pioneered a method of translation which puts the actor and director at the heart of the process, ensuring the translated text is dramatically vibrant and reflective of both its original and new cultural context.

Working with scenes from a classic of Chilean theatre, Los invasores / The Invaders by Egon Wolff (1926 – 2016), we will explore how character and action contribute to the language of the production.  Participants will not only learn new approaches to translation, but will also be able to enhance their understanding of ‘actioning’ and physicalizing text.

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There is an excellent bar and cafe upstairs from the Space, so why not make a day of it!

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The readings and workshop are presented with generous support from the Anglo-Chilean Society.

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