Spider Girls


As part of Head for Heights’ work on the Chilean play Spider Girls by Luis Barrales, we will be running a four - day workshop with writers, directors, actors and anyone working in translated work in the Cervantes Theatre and King's College London, 23rd-26th April 2019.

Spider Girls is based on the true story of a group of teenage girls from the slums of Santiago who were burglars in the affluent areas of Santiago. They gained public attention and were known worldwide on national television.

Luis Barrales (1978) is regarded as being one of the most well rounded member of the artistic world, as an actor, director and playwright. He founded the 

He founded the CIT company: Central de Inteligencia Teatral. In Spider Girls , received the Art Critics Circle Award. His plays explore the themes of power, social status and provides a voice for those often unheard.

Using a translation of the play, we will share a creative methodology for training potential translators and directors of translated texts. The workshop will culminate in a reading of the participants’ work and discussion afterwards. We want to involve you in discussions, improvisations and the dramaturgical exploration of Spider Girls and fellow participants’ scripts. We are looking for a wide variety of participants, with a range of backgrounds in theatre and translation work, however a lack of professional theatre experience will not be a barrier to your acceptance.

If you are interested in applying, please email for the application form below or email us at hello@headforheights.org.uk

Directed by Sue Dunderdale

Translated by Catherine Boyle


Michael Elcock

Pepa Duerte

Pia Laborde Noguez

Daniela Cristo Mantilla


Produced by Annafrancesca Tonna

Dramaturg: Karen Morash

Head for Heights has previously worked on Spider Girls in past workshops and are delighted to further show this work in the UK, alongside new work from participants with their foreign texts. 


This workshop is generously being funded by Arts Council England, The Anglo Chilean Society and King's College London.


Cervantes Theatre, 26th April 2019


Vhere is a real sense of an international flavour of this workshop, which is amazing

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