by Karen Morash

When it comes to playground politics, it’s hard to tell the grown-ups from the children. Four very different mothers are forced to deal with each other after an incident at the local primary. Meanwhile, building site blunders threaten the rural idyll. Class, parenting styles, and Duplo collide in this slightly surreal look at the systems that keep us in our place.

Playwright Karen Morash examines everyday English society through the lens of four characters rarely seen on the stage: women who struggle with the day-to-day challenges of motherhood, whilst trying to negotiate tricky social encounters. Funny and dark in equal measure, Playground asks that age old question: why can’t we all just be friends?

Directed by Jack Paterson

Movement Director/Assistant Director: Roman Berry


Amy/Worker 2: Komal Amin

Bobbi/Foreman: .Ava Amande

Coral/Worker 1: Katie Turner

Elaine/Deputy/Terry: Jenna Thorne

The Headmaster: The cast.


Lighting Design/Operator: Sarah Trim-West

Set and Costume designer: Marcio Andrey Santarosa

Sound Designer: Sepy Baghaei

Stage Manager: Helen Wrack-Adams

Supported by the Goldsmiths Annual Fund and the Goldsmiths Graduate School.

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