Mad Man Sad Woman

Head for Heights

Theatre Company


The Space, 20 June - 8 July 2017

Amidst the debris of a condemned house, two desperate strangers realise they have been abandoned by their friends. Fearful of what lies ahead, the two argue before starting to make a home from the surrounding junk. But as the bulldozers move in, a choice lies ahead – accept their fate or cling on to hope.


Written by award-winning Chilean playwright Juan Radrigán, Mad Man Sad Woman gives voice to the voiceless; finding beauty, laughter, and dignity in the lives amongst the rubble. In a powerful new translation by Catherine Boyle, this timely UK premiere demands attention for those forced to live on the margins of our society.


Head for Heights is a theatre company known for its innovative approaches to translation. Their bold new production is directed by Sue Dunderdale.



Writer: Juan Radrigán, translated by Catherine Boyle

Director: Sue Dunderdale

Performers: Sadie Shimmin and Bil Stuart

Composer: Dominic Ashworth

Set/Costume Designer: Amelia Jane Hankin

Sound Designers: Candice Weaver and John Leonard

Lighting Designer: Rory Beaton


Produced by Karen Morash


Stage Manager/Assistant Director

and Producer: Cristóbal Pizarro

Production Manager: Erin Witton

Intern: Molly de Dios Fisher